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How much does raccoon removal in Toronto cost
Wildlife Removal Brampton AAA Affordable Wildlife Control



Choosing a wildlife removal company is not always easy, and it is important to ask plenty of questions and make sure you understand exactly what the service entails. The ultimate goal of any wildlife removal is to keep those creatures on the outside of your home - not just remove their compatriots from the attic or garage.​

When you contact a wildlife removal company, it is important to get as much information as you can. The company should be willing to provide specifics - from how they plan to secure your home to prevent further intrusion to how they will remove any wildlife already present. You will probably want to know, for instance, whether the workers plan to trap and relocate the animal or use special one-way doors to allow for the raccoons & squirrels to get out but not back in.


Keep in mind that simply trapping and relocating one or two raccoons will probably not resolve the problem. The best wildlife removal companies understand this, and they make sure and use a combination of one-way doors and prevention screening to solve nuisance animal problems for homeowners. A responsible wildlife control company will always ensure that all animals, including any babies, even unhatched eggs, are removed safely before permanently sealing all entry holes.

Get the animal removal process started today, call us for a free estimate over the phone. We can usually get there within a couple days.

Wildlife Removal Brampton AAA Affordable Wildlife Control


Wildlife Removal Brampton AAA Affordable Wildlife Control



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Wildlife Removal Brampton AAA Affordable Wildlife Control
Wildlife Removal Brampton AAA Affordable Wildlife Control
Wildlife Removal Brampton AAA Affordable Wildlife Control




We will do a full exterior inspection to locate all entry holes and weak spots on your roof.

 Raccoons, Squirrels & other nuisance wildlife are creatures of habit, they chew, scratch, dig and do whatever else is necessary to find a warm nesting area to mate and raise young.

Invest in your property with PREVENTION SCREENING. It will outlast your roof when installed properly and is the #1 way to keep wildlife out. We can install raccoon & squirrel proof screen to areas of your roof we know animals can easily get in.

How much does raccoon removal in Toronto cost
How much does raccoon removal in Toronto cost

WILDLIFE CONTROL SERVICES - WHAT Brampton homeowners need to know

 Wildlife is fascinating to look at, but not when those wild critters are rummaging through your home. If raccoons have been breaking into your garbage can or squirrels have invaded your attic, you want to get them out of your home - and your life - as soon as possible.


Wildlife control services specialize in doing just that, but it is important to choose the company with care. There are a number of things you need to consider, and a number of things you need to do, before contacting a wildlife control service.


One of the most important things you can do is find out which critters have invaded your home. While raccoons and squirrels are among the most common wildlife pests, they are not the only creatures that make their home in the city of Toronto. Knowing what kinds of animals have taken up residence in your home is important, since it will allow you to find a company that specializes in that type of wildlife.


It is also a good idea to identify potential entry points before contacting a wildlife removal company. Look for things like exposed vents and outlets in the attic, holes in the roof and other deficiencies that could allow raccoons, squirrels, birds and other wildlife to enter your home. You can get a head start on the wildlife removal specialists by sealing cracks and patching up any holes you find. Take care not to lock the animal in the attic by blocking the hole completely.



Trust the pros at Wildlife Removal Brampton. City wildlife can be smart and they know how to break into your home, so acting fast is key.

An attics or chimneys isn't protected from wildlife simply because its new. If you've never had a raccoon or squirrel in your space, consider yourself lucky. Many of your neighbours, friends & family have experienced nuisance animals in the roof at some point, some of them may have used our reliable & affordable service. Our work is comparable to some companies charging $100 to $150 more for a basic animal removal service.

 Wildlife Removal Brampton is a local business with local staff, we know how to get the job done for less than our direct competitors, all we ask for in return is referrals when friends, family or neighbours are looking for a dependable, affordable wildlife removal company
Each job is done with the expectation of getting a review on our performance once the job is complete. 

Wildlife in urban areas like Brampton are sometimes born in an attic or chimney, so right from birth they think thats where they belong. We know how to remove raccoons & squirrels using specially designed doors that are installed over the animals entry point. Humane & stress free for all involved.

There are a number of techniques companies can use to remove unwanted wildlife from the home and stop them from coming back. They can set humane traps to capture the wildlife in the home, use one-way doors and bait to lure the creatures outside or tranquillize and remove the animals by hand. Again, it is important to ask for specifics when discussing the removal of unwanted wildlife and the securing of your property against future invasion. 

Companies with experience in wildlife removal know how to get unwanted animals out of homes. Even more importantly, they understand the importance of securing the property against future intrusions. They will be able to identify problem spots and seal your home to keep wildlife on the outside of your home.​

  • CHIMNEY CAPPING - Don't wast money on store bought chimney caps - They are NOT ANIMAL PROOF! 
  • ONE-WAY DOORS - The humane way to evict raccoons & squirrels - If other companies aren't recommending this, they probably don't know how to do it.
  • TRAPPING SERVICES - Only as a last resort or if animal is loose in house will we set traps. Industrial buildings with open bay doors etc.
  • PREVENTION SCREENING - The #1 way to keep wildlife from nesting on your property. Take away access to the nest and get longterm results.